Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Threads for Embroidery

I received several e-mails recently about threads to use with a Willcox & Gibbs
chain stitch sewing machine for decorative embroidery work.
Here is a list of threads I recommend:
  • . DMC 30 wt or 50 wt cotton machine embroidery thread
  • . DMC size 80 cotton tatting thread
  • . Coats 50 wt machine quilting thread in cotton
  • . Coats 40 wt trilobal polyester machine embroidery thread
  • . Coats 40 wt rayon machine embroidery thread
  • . Sulky 30 wt cotton quilting thread
  • . Sulky 40 wt rayon machine embroidery thread
The list is not in any particular order. Use whatever you can find, and
experiment until you get results that please you.
I will note that the trilobal poly thread gives a very dainty tiny stitch
that is super shiny. I don't think it looks quite right for red work. The
rayons can also look too shiny. I'd recommend the cotton threads for red
work on cotton fabric, and save the shiny threads for other projects.
Be careful when buying big cones of embroidery or quilting thread as they
may not fit on the W&G spool pin. You may need a separate thread stand
with them.
Also make sure the spool says "machine" on it not "hand". Hand
embroidery or quilting thread is not suitable for machine use. Yes, the
tatting thread works despite it not being machine thread, but it often
requires rewinding by hand on to a old, empty spool. Something about the way
they wind it doesn't always work right on a machine.
Don't try to use metallic thread on a W&G it just makes a nasty thread jam.
Keep a scalpel and tweezers handy when trying out new threads in case of a
jam. Also ALWAYS test on scraps to make sure the chosen thread will work for
your design and fabric.

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Anne said...

Thank you for this most helpful information. I'll be trying some embroidery with my Willcox and Gibbs to see how it looks.