Thursday, March 6, 2008

Willcox & Gibbs Manuals and Catalogs

The Smithsonian website has quite a few Willcox & Gibbs manuals and catalogs that you can view and print online for FREE. Right now.

Catalogs & Brochures to help identify your Willcox & Gibbs Sewing machine
Some of the cabinets for treadles:


Lynn said...

Wow what a great resource you have created Rebbecca! Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and advice.

Lynn in Newmarket, Ontario

santantoniodeldeserto said...

in all agree with Lynn! I found this blog a two weeks ago, in the night, when internet is lucky.
I have been very happy, finding answer for all my question, and more, even to questions for me yet unknown, , and all the old manuals, beautiful, and little bat to embroider, and many suggestion about needles, threads, stitch regulation.
a great work, and very clear, too, and elegant pages.
many greetings. cristiana